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  • I just saw this WordPress for Iphone ad on the frontpage of I must say that I don’t like it.

    Why Iphone? Why not Nokia or Sony-Ericson or whatever?

    I find it weird. I get this feeling like “Hey – now we have cellphone which connects to the internet!! Let’s make applications to it!!” Cheez. Like this wasn’t happening already years ago. Apple made the Iphone look like it’s some kind of miraculous internet communications device (which it’s not). And now we have WordPress making the phone even more “miraculous”. Great. I feel kind sick when free opensource software starts to advertise products.

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  • iPhone is one of the best mobile devices that can be used to surf the Internet.

    Hmm… no kidding?

    The Iphone isn’t the widest spread phone with internet access on the market. If the Apples strategy goes right and they get what they are after it’s still only 1% of the mobile phone markets. For example Nokia has 40%. When Apple is trying to get 10 million Iphones sold till the end of the 2008, Nokia has sold already 122 million phones this year.

    So when you look at it from this angle, it’s just strange to see WordPress developing things to Iphone. Sure it’s trendy thing to do.

    I got a N82, N78 and a iPod Touch and I can say that iPod Touch/iPhone beat Nseries phone when it comes to web surfing.

    But of course, it would be good to have a WP app written for Symbian OS.

    New Nokia phones with touchscreen will be available soon. I think they are at least close to Iphone when it comes to websurfing – assuming that the touchscreen is really the key issue. They will be available in all price categories, not just high-end.

    what about PDA? there are lots of people using phones with Windows Mobile for ages

    Hmmm, I kinda like the app.

    *** advertisement *** 😉

    Marketing or not, the iPhone rockz and is one-in-a-kind at the moment. Phone, Internet (with a real browser), GPS, acceleration detection and touch screen. All in one device. It’s almost scary. 🙂 But before I start to sound like Steve Boom! Jobs: I can imagine the makers just HAD to create this application. I don’t blame them. It’s lovely. Thanks!

    Yeah, why not Nokia N95? Why not other brands’ latest models?
    I DO like Apple but I find this last years freakness stupid. Everyone has Ipod, Iphone, etc.

    Y’know, there are other valid products. Please release WP for other hardware too.

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