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  • Hi all, I am wondering:

    On the bottom of my website it mentions wordpress and my theme, and my “icons” and links to them.

    Of course I want to link to them because they deserve it for all their hard work (WordPress devs and theme creator). However, I was wondering if it is against any rules/license to make it so at the bottom it will say something like “Copyrights” or “Credits”, which will link them to a page mentioning all these things and linking to them? That way it will look ‘cleaner’ at the bottom of the site. So again, is this possible or is it somehow violating the rules or license? Because if it is, I will leave it as is.

    I am new to this, and reading through the GNU General Public License and Priacy and what-not, I am a little confused on this issue.

    Thanks for all the future replies 🙂

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  • If you are using wordpress theme then there is no issue of copyright and all… do not worried about it and if you remove that things then you can easily remove it from your footer.php file which is in your theme folder.

    Jwalin Shah
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    I’m having the same problems with the “techified” theme. it’s got “Copyright © 2009. Techified theme by Cell Phones. Supported by BlueHost Web Hosting, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile & Sprint” with 6 links to those sites. Now I’d rather just have “Powered by WordPress” and possbily the author bug I’m lost on correcting this. Does anyone have an idea on fixing this?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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