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  1. cliveyoung
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I installed wordpress, and the folder is named "WordPress" with the caps in it. Because of the caps, if I type in the url all lowercase, it can't find the folder. If I change the folder name to "wordpress" (all lowercase), the pages inside it can't find each other. If I rename the entire folder to the name of my blog (which is what I'd like to do anyway), the pages also can't find each other.
    And worst, regardless of upper or lower cases, if you type in the proper URL for the blog but leave off the final slash, you get a 404 error. That's the one that really has me going nuts because who ever types in that last slash? Even the Technorati spiders don't include the final slash (hence they can't find it).
    So, the question--what can I do to aleveate these problems?

  2. whooami
    Posted 8 years ago #

    you alleviate the problems by picking one name for the directory, and setting up WordPress properly to use that directory.


    regardless of whether you use that particular set up or not, you need to understand that 2 values control where WP looks for files and where it will be found via a web browser:

    1. WordPress address (URI)
    2. Blog address (URI)

    Additionally, URL's are case-sensitive, even with IIS, always have been --

    http://www.myblog.com/WORDPRESS/ != http://www.myblog.com/wordpress/

    Btw, if you look at the codex page i linked, you might notice that neither eample for the 2 values indicate using a closing slash. Just a reminder.

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