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  • Hello,

    Ive been having two issues on one of my blogs that for the longest time I cant seem to fix. The blog I have which is installed in the root works flawlessly. It’s the one I have in /blog thats giving me all the trouble. I reinstalled 2.5 and still no luck.

    The first issue is after I save a post I can’t preview it. Either the preview is blank or says “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria”.

    The second issue is the image uploader doesn’t work. I can upload a file, see the image in the loader but it will not insert it into the post.

    I was curious is there a reputable service where I can paypal someone 20-40 bucks to come in and fix these issues once and for all?

    Or maybe someone here really knows what’s happening? I trolled these forums and left messages in the past and can’t get to a solution.

    Big thanks… I love using WordPress 2.5 on my other blog. I’d like to see this one work too!

    The broken blog is:

    The nice happy working one is:

    – Oliver

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  • Hi Everyone,

    Im glad no one responded because I was able to fix my problems. I reinstalled 2.5.1, cleared all caches including inside the content folder, installed the very latest version of flash and switched from Firefox to Safari.

    Now it works… strange but true.

    Hi, Oliver, glad you got it to work. How is 2.5.1 compared to 2.5?
    Try Camino browser. Better than Safari and firefox on a Mac.

    Safari and Firefox kept freezing up on me, and had to force quit almost everyday. firefox sometimes changes your inputs too.

    I have the latest version of flash, but the add media wouldn’t work in firefox or safari. Had to use the no-flash-uploader plugin to get it to work.

    I Rene. I didn’t see your message until now. I like 2.5 very much. Upgrade without hesitation.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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