WordPress emails stop sending when site URL or WP URL are changed (3 posts)

  1. stemlund
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've discovered an issue on my wordpress site - no emails are being sent - for new user creation, when comments are written, or when a contact form (contact form 7 or jetpack) are filled out. The emails are not sent to spam or regular inbox.

    I even installed WP fresh and was able to get emails to send, but when I set the WP URL and Site URL to make the website live, emails stop working.

    So my WordPress site is installed at http://www.stephenemlund.com/icphotobooth2 - but the live domain name (and what I've changed WP URL and Site URL to is http://www.iowacityphotobooth.com

    I've tried installing and activating WP-Mail SMTP using various settings - both GMail and Godaddy settings and this didn't solve the issue

    I'm using Godaddy Shared Hosting on Linux, btw.

    What could cause WordPress emails to stop sending when a the WP URL and/or Site URL is changed?

  2. stemlund
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've narrowed down my issue I think. I found here - http://butlerblog.com/2012/09/23/testing-the-wp_mail-function/ That when I test the wp_mail() function, I never receive the emails. so when I browse to the iowacityphotobooth.com/emailtest.php, it doesn't send, but when I browse to the literal hosting location of http://www.stephenemlund.com/icphotobooth2/emailtest.php it DOES send. However, it says it is coming from wordpress@stephenemlund.com rather than wordpress@iowacityphotobooth.com

    Any ideas on why this is happening. It seems as though this is related to changing the site URL and WP URL in order to make the site live on the domain name of iowacityphotobooth.com.

    Please help

  3. jpaholik
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have similar problem - emails stop sending when I change the From email adress.

    I've tried adding headers to wp_mail function, using add_filter and apply_filters functions but nothing helped. However when I change only the From Name - it works.

    Every help will be appreciated!

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