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  • The Word Press Email Notification Plugin has been updated to version 2.3.1.

    Updates to this version:

    * Blog names with commas now display correctly in the from field
    * Changed the default location to look in the WP directory for the wpemn_config.php file
    * Updates the sent flag before sending future dated posts in order to cut down on duplicate e-mails being sent

    If you see anything that looks like a bug or the documentation needs corrected, please comment on the Watershed Studio blog.

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  • Well, I have looked through the docs, and I can’t seem to figure out why the admin part isn’t working.
    gives me a 404 error.

    Did I miss a step?

    Also, I populate the form with “Enter Email Here”, which disappears when someone tries to register…however, I get a couple of yahoos trying to just click the “Subscribe” button without adding their email…is there a way to restrict a submission to block “Enter Email Here”?

    Thanks for a great plugin!

    I’m having the same problem with the plugin, a 404 error. I commented out line 19, but I don’t understand what the instructions mean by “tweaking” the file? You should explain what you mean by “tweak”. Do I change

    include ("$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']/maillist/wpemn_config.php");

    to something else? It should just be calling into wpemn_config.php to get the server information, no?

    Everything installed fine, and I’ve used an older version of this plugin successfully at

    But on it seems to be another story.

    As I say, everything installed fine, but there seems to be an error at sign up.

    I get the following:
    Warning: mail() has been disabled for security reasons in /vhost/usr/plusspecialguests/maillist/index.php on line 217
    Thanks for subscribing.
    You will receive an email shortly to confirm your subscription.
    Once you confirm your subscription you will begin to receive
    notifications when there is +SG news!.

    Close this window to go back

    I realise the program thinks everything is OK, but something has blocked the email from sending.

    Any suggestions?


    I just installed the plugin, works fine so far! But, I think the most important function (for me) is not implemented yet: I would like to see the plugin send mails when there is a “external” message posted in the blog, in my case a automatic post from When this messages are posted there is not send any mail to my users.
    What can I do?

    Is it possible to replace the blank text messages with wordpress pages?

    Any idea why this plugin would be interfering with the Gallery2 plugin WPG2? See this page for some odd errors.

    I just upgraded to WP2.0.1 and now this plugin isn’t working for me, although it was when i have WP1.5. Anyone help?

    Never mind on the above post. I figured out. WPG2 has an option to use a custom header file instead of the theme’s header.php. I just modified that one to remove the Email Notify code. All works well now!

    Where’s that option to set which header.php gets used?

    I’ve tested, and no e-mails are currently emerging from the subscription (using WP2.01, e-mail notif. 2.3.1). I’ve only editted the header.php in my template’s folder.

    I tried putting the line:

    <?php email_notification_future_send(); ?>

    in the “header” div, and also within the <head> section of the header.php file, still no notifications.

    Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

    Here’s what I did to get it working. I copied the header.php in my theme directory and changed the name to wpg2header.php. Then in the Gallery2 options page, under the Style Options tab, click the “Use WP Custom Header”. By default, it will look for a wpg2header.php file. Then in that new header file, remove the notify code.

    Pretty simple.

    Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user: ‘www-data@localhost’ (Using password: NO) in /home/thetrailermart/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-email-notification/index.php on line 45

    Warning: mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/thetrailermart/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-email-notification/index.php on line 46

    What does this mean!!! I’m going nuts

    I got the same error as jcjdoss.

    any help ?

    guys .. do you have this message in header ?

    if so … you have to past:
    <!– newsletter ……….. –>
    <?php email_notification_future_send(); ?>
    <!– /newsletter –>

    pasting the <?php email_notification_future_send(); ?>
    it’s not enough ๐Ÿ™‚

    anyway .. if anybody knows why the plugin doesn’t send emails with posting new post ?? don’t be shy and write about it ๐Ÿ™‚

    finnaly everything is working fine. only the email is send about 3 hours later and don’t ask me why ๐Ÿ™‚
    but IT DOES WORK ๐Ÿ™‚

    There is an issue in email_notification_2.3.1.php with the way the date is handled which is why there is a delay in when the email notification is sent out. Here is how I fixed it.

    I replaced:
    $curr_date = date(“YmdHi”);
    $date_diff = $curr_date – $post_date;

    $post_dat2 = $postdata[‘Date’];

    And replaced:
    if ($date_diff < 0){

    if ($post_dat2 > current_time(‘mysql’)) {

    This appears to have resolved my issue.

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