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  • The Word Press Email Notification Plugin has been updated to version 2.0.


    Updates to this version:

    * Added Option To Choose Whether or Not To Notify
    * Added Install Script
    * Added Configuration Area
    * Added Import Email Addresses Functionality
    * Added Export/Backup Email List Functionality
    * Added Option To Send Announcements To List Members (non blog posts)
    * Removed Rewrite URL’s Functionality

    If you see anything that looks like a bug or the documention needs corrected, please let me know.

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  • What do I have to change when I installed the maillist folder inside of the wordpress folder because this one is already my root directory? I just tried it out, but it didn’t send me a notification 🙁


    For the admin pages to work you’d need to change line 17 of wp-content/plugins/wp-email-notification/index.php to match your setup…

    include ("$DOCUMENT_ROOT/maillist/wpemn_config.php");

    It should send emails when posting regardless of the maillist location.

    I need more information (you can get ahold of me off forum) to troubleshoot why it’s not sending with normal posts.

    Am I supposed to put this inside the plugins folder and then run the install.php? I few simple install instructions would go a long way. Thanks!



    see /_docs/install.txt in the zip file. All paths are given.



    I have a blog that I’m using to replay certain information to family members. Is it possible for me to manually enter their email addresses into the plugin or must they subscribe? Though I imagine in most cases it’s best to have them subscribe in my case it would be easier to manually enter them.



    dave, yes you can enter them yourself.

    Is it possible to manually unsubscribe emails from the list from an administrator view?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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