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  • Plugin Author Marventus


    Hello, Greg.
    For now, only admins can change UTMCE settings. The main reason for this is that we haven’t yet introduced multi-user capabilities, i.e., different settings per user/user role. However, we have this feature in our to-do list, 😉
    If you want, I coded a little script to change minimum permissions required to run the plugin. You can find the script along with usage instructions here:
    Let us know if it works for you.

    Plugin Author Marventus


    Hello, again.
    Were you able to check out the proposed fix? Please let us know.

    Plugin Author Josh


    (I’m gonna mark this as resolved).

    1. @ghi07, if you feel it needs to be changed back.. please feel free to do so.
    2. @marv.. I’ll start working on some form of “template” for multiple user levels. Perhaps we can add a separate menu item to the left menu… if the user is an editor only… which will give the basic menus for button arrangement and placement.

    Also, what would be Kick-A**… is if we could save these settings on a “per user” basis. So, each user can have their own configuration of buttons and settings. We could store the options in the user-meta or something.

    Hello Josh. I wasn’t expecting such a quick answer. I’m not in a position to test right now, but will respond as soon as I can.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Hi ghi07,

    Okay, just to clarify… a user with the role of “editor” should have the exact same tinymce interface as the admin. The same buttons should be available.. and the functionality should be identical.

    As far as configuring the admin options… no. An editor is not allowed to do this.

    However…. I have added an option to the admin settings page which will grant the “editor” role access to the Ultimate Tinymce admin settings page.

    This, and more, will be available in the next release 🙂

    Thanks Josh for clarifying how it should work. I think we’ve been talking cross-purposes.

    Here’s what I was seeing on my site: As an admin I’ve added lots of buttons to the Tinymce toolbar, including Font Family, Font Size and Style. However when I logged on as a user with the role of Editor I couldn’t see Font Family, Font Size and Style in the toolbar.

    I gather from your explanation above that the Editor should see the same set of buttons in the toolbar as the administrator.

    So I fiddled around with the location of the additional buttons in the toolbar, and now it all works.

    Then I noticed the warning on the TinyMCE Buttons Arrangement page:
    “Adding too many buttons will make the toolbar too long and will not display correctly in TinyMCE!”

    I suspect I tripped over this problem. Sorry for wasting your time.

    Cheers, Greg.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Hi Greg,

    Well, after reading your last response.. it hit me.

    I think you are talking about the “Tinymce Advanced” plugin… and not my “Ultimate Tinymce” plugin.

    Is this the plugin you are using?

    Either way… glad it’s now working properly for you!

    Oh oh, are there two different products with similar names? Have I gone to the wrong forum?

    On my plugins page it gives this information:
    TinyMCE Advanced Version By Andrew Ozz

    Sorry in advance if this is the case.
    Greg Hill.

    Plugin Author Josh


    No worries at all 🙂

    Yes, that is the plugin here:

    However, I still appreciate your suggestion and have implemented it into my plugin 😉

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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