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  • barrygoods


    I recently was adding a new product to my cart and I had created a new variation. Once I did that, all hell broke loose.

    Website started taking 40 seconds just to load or not even load at all.

    I went forward and removed everything that i inputed and also a few other items that were not being used and still there was a very big lag load issue. I had thought it was Dreamhost so i went and spoke with them and they said that my site was causing it.

    I went and installed WP Tuner and it looks like my e commerce plugin seems to be taking 35-40 seconds to load. And when i dove a little deeper, it seems as though my variations is the culprit. I have tried deleting and re issuing of the variations and nothing changed.

    I am no expert. I am actually just a green horn when it comes to these things.

    Anyone have any experience in dealing with this. Right now my only fix is to have 5-10 items which cause my site to load for 5-10 seconds.



    Also. Dream Host Guy said that i possibly would need to clear my theme cache and do a flush. but then again, I don’t know how. I tried to search for that button but to of no avail. Any help will be appreciated.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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