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  • erick_paper


    Brilliant work. Thanks!

    Btw, is 2.6 working for you guys? I mean categories and stuff? Many people are experiencing PHP problems.

    e-commerce 3.6.7 & wp 2.6 has problem. warning over not able to write under uploads fold???

    Hi Guys. We’re not experiancing any php problems at the moment. – try using the Development Version. It definitely works with WordPress 2.6 and we have disabled auto updates on purpose…

    Download Development Version Now

    It’s great that you have updated the plugin that quickly. I want to evaluate it and such a timely support for the latest WordPress is rally important.

    I’m sorry for the offtopic, but I have a simple question. Is the plugin capable of producing localized shops or does it integrate with one of the available multilingual plugins? Thanks!

    I am running WP2.6 and using the Development Version of the wp e-commerce plugin. I am trying to use the paypal gateway option but it isn’t saving when I update the paypal info in the “Payment Options” section of the admin area (it just goes blank when I click update). Because of this Users can’t get to the checkout area in paypal. Any Ideas?

    I have the same problem as Eljamez. I fill out the Paypal information in the “Payment Options” section of the admin area and when I click on “update” it goes blank.

    I’m running WP 2.6 German Edition. If I try to activate e-commerce 3.6.7 or the Development Version, I get the error message “Error 500 – Internal server error”. My webspace provider is 1&1. And there are no tables created for e-commerce in the database. hmm..


    I can’t wait to get my hands on this plugin…Thanks for your work on this plug!

    I am currently running WP 2.6. I downloaded the dev version, uploaded it, and went to activate the plugin; but it doesn’t appear in my list:(

    Any suggestions??

    Grape Drink; Hey guys. Does the latest verison fix this for you?

    Hey, Grape Drink I had the same problem. Make sure you open the Wp-e commerce folder to reveal the WP-Shopping-cart then FTP those files. That worked for me.

    @ Mufasa:

    I have problems installing the latest version on wordpress 2.6.3:

      Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MerchantPrivateData in /home/ on line 1588

    so it cant be installed

    Any suggestions?

    I have this exact same problem, on WP 2.6. I’d really like to try the plugin but it’s completely inoperable. I can’t see where this class is being declared more than once…

    So I just simply deleted merchants/GoogleCheckout-XML.php, and was able to activate the plugin. I don’t use Google Checkout, so that’s no problem for me I suppose…

    I cannot activate the plugin. The error message is “Error 500 – Internal server error”

    I installed the 3.6.8 RC1 version.

    I can’t activate it either. I get this error using version 3.6.8 rc2 on wordpress version 2.6.5. I get this error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘-‘, expecting ‘}’ in wp-shopping-cart/wp-shopping-cart.php on line 336

    I did get to try out the pluggin, it is awsome. I did have some other errors with it though. I got the 404 page a for some reason on my test item. Is there anything you can do for this error. I so want to use this plugin for my companies website

    Same problem as torrentinc, I can’t activate plugin, i got:
    “Error 500 – Internal server error”

    [] [Tue Dec 09 20:19:51 2008] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: plugins.php, referer:

    My hosting service is (free account).

    The shop in Xampp in my Linux box works like a charm!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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