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  • I’m currently trying to transfer a site from a development sub-directory folder to the root directory using WordPress Duplicator and am encountering the following error after selecting Run Deployment:

    server code: 200
    status: OK
    PHP is having issues writing to the log file D:/Hosting/2770215/html\installer-log.txt . In order for the Duplicator to proceed validate your owner/group and permission settings for PHP on this path. Try temporarily setting you permissions to 777 to see if the issue gets resolved. If you are on a shared hosting environment please contact your hosting company and tell them you are getting errors writing files to the path above when using PHP.

    The site is hosted by godaddy. I’ve submitted a ticket but am yet to receive a response as to how to fix it in over 24 hours. I’m not sure how to set my permissions as suggested above. If anyone can provide any advice as to how to resolve this I would much appreciate it as I’m at deadline!

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