WordPress. Dropdown menu disappears before cursor reaches next tab. Only when lo (1 post)

  1. ghuznee
    Posted 3 years ago #

    In Firefox and IE (not chrome)

    When I'm logged in I am having an issue with my main menu on a website I am building. I lay my cursor on the a menu tab to have the tabs below it appear. I start down the tab with my cursor and the tab will disappear before I get to the next menu tab.

    When i'm NOT logged in, it's absolutely fine.

    It's fine in Chrome but not Firefox and IE.

    The website is http://www.jobsarchitecture.com when you log in:

    You can log in via: user: test pw: test

    Click on the 'Videos' menu and try and get to the following tab...

    Really appreciate some help here.

    Some said to add this:
    GLOBAL.Event.stopPropagation = function(e){
    e = window.event || e;
    e.cancelBubble = true;

    But I'm not sure where I would add that...

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