• In our website, some pages are indicated as no index and/or drafts – why are they showing up in Google Console as indexing issues – no index that needs to be fixed. Shouldn’t all drafts or no indexed pages/posts not be crawled in Google?

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  • There is a difference between draft and noindex.

    WordPress itself allows posts and pages to be saved as drafts. This is a feature that means that the pages/posts in question should not be publicly accessible (i.e. not accessible without a login). It would be highly unusual to find these on Google. Do you have a concrete example of what you can look at?

    The specification noindex is again a property that can be set by SEO plugins on pages and posts. It recommends to the search engines how they should handle the pages/posts. It is only a recommendation, search engines do not have to adhere to it – but Google usually does. A concrete example would also be interesting here – or you can ask the support team of the SEO plugin you are using for the information.

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