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    I’m a new user just installed WP on my Synology Diskstation and about to create i site with a lot of images. This seems to be more complicated than I could ever imagine as WP only allow singe file upload and then MAX 32 MB!! (??) Totally unaccepted as I (and also other users) want to upload many files larger than 32MB at the sames time.

    Going thru a majority of forums I realized I needed to change the php.ini file which has been done and now set to 1000M, but I still get the text “Maximum upload file size: 32MB.” and I can’t upload files larger than 32MB!

    1. I would like to change this text to 1000M
    2. I would like to upload files bigger than 32M

    Now is this possible even if you are not an engineer, it took me about 24h to learn how to locate and change the php.ini file using telnet so any guidance would be most appreciated

    Many Thanks!

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    DId you also change post_max_size in your PHP.ini. Have a read here: post_max_size

    I seriously doubt that allowing 1GB posts would even be possible, or a good idea, I think you may need to investigate a more file centric solution that is dedicated to large file transfer like ftp/sftp as PHP would have issues with a script growing to 1GB (for buffering the post).

    Excellent -that did it! Thanks!!

    I just selected multiple files (changed the upload limit to 500M) and currently uploading a lot of images.

    But, should I not be able to just place (move/copy) a lot of images from my computer to a specific directory in the web root folder avoiding the uploader as that takes forever, it is really slow….

    Once again, thanks!!



    Happy to help. Yes, you certainly can just copy images to the relevant wp-uploads folder, however, if you would like WordPress to know about them, you should also find a way of entering them into the database, but that is of course not a necessity and depends on your application.


    I just realized that, went fast to just copy them to the relevant folder but but WP doesn’t see them so back to square one. I’ll browse around the forum to see if I find anything about that…

    Thanks again!



    Well you can make WordPress see them after you have uploaded them by updating the SQL table in the WordPress database… You could probably write a shell script to add the media to the WordPress database with an SQL query, but that would not create thumbnails of images, in which case you would also need to trigger thumbnail generation in WordPress after you have updated the media in the SQL Table.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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