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  • Ok – First I think I am in a room with the big boys/girls – so I apologize if this insults anyone’s blogtelligence. HELP!!!
    Been a while since I blogged (I’m a newbie at wordpress) and was tweaking when a yellow announcement that I was “ONE CLICK AWAY” (I should have taken them seriously) to pointing my domain, blah blah…caught my eye.
    I followed the hyperlink to the domain list page, forgetting the hell this summer of pointing things correctly so I wouldn’t loose business, or my email, when – seeing “Put Blog Here” I THOUGHT clicking would educate me more about options when INSTEAD it threw my website into a horrible loop.
    website –> blog –> website –> blog…
    I want my web address to direct to – and for to just stay alive and active as it was. Instead it is now looking at a very old, and undated website.
    (I keep it this way due to email/ and file storage)
    HELP – I tried their support but don’t know how to undo things, the wordpress site has changed their look significantly – Ouch!

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  • FYI – I managed to get it out of the loop – but now it is pointed the WRONG way. If I put in my blog address it goes back to sad times.




    youre on the wrong forums. you need to be on the forums.

    Im not trying to pass the buck, trust me.

    If you want to go to your blog on, you need to get support from there. They know the dns settings, etc..

    It appears youre already there anyway:

    Thanks – I really appreciate that you took the time. I posted there (support@, and 30 minutes later – in a feat that took much bravery, with yet no response from their crew or readers – I clicked that damned “Post Blog Here” link a second time – and Viola! It turned the whole thing around. Now i have to redirect my stuff on the server.

    I figured I had NOTHING to lose. So this entry can potentially be closed – as I have proven to have just a little smidge of blogtelligence!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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