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    Hi all

    Sigh…not a good weekend. First, my Gallery2 site doesn’t load. I enter the URL in the browser, hit enter…and the browser says ‘done’, but nothing appears on the page. Went to hell & back, and figured I just re-install it.

    Now….same thing’s happened to my WordPress site!!! I entered the url ‘’ into the browser…browser says ‘done’, but nothing appears on the page!!! Arrgghhh….I’ve googled/searched this forum, but have not found anything helpful.

    It’s probably my fault that this has happened….I probably didn’t secure something I should’ve secured. But I wanna move on. Can some kind soul assist me in solving this pls?

    I’m using firefox, btw. But it doesn’t load in safari or netscape either.

    Thanks a million (in advance!) fellas.


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  • BTW, I’ve also tried the login page url, and it doesn’t load either.

    Hi….sorry….anyone can assist? Otherwise I’d just have to re-install everything. Sigh…

    Pwetty pwetty pweease?

    I get a page that says, “this is a placeholder for the subdomain”.

    Are you able to log into your Dashboard? Have you tried changing themes?

    Sorry….that’s because i’ve just created a sub-domain pointing to the same folder. Anyway, if you try to load nothing happens.

    And no I can’t log into dashboard, or anything of WordPress.

    Thanks for responding, DianeV.


    It looks like you’ve redirected … my guess is that the way you’ve set it up is contradictory.

    Check with your host. I had my own “hell and back” issues last week, first with my entire site, then only with the WP portion. I did a real screw-up job over several hours trying to recover everything. Finally, I submitted a ticket to my host and in 10 minutes I was back online with everything almost back to normal. I can’t confirm that they were responsible for the foul-up, or even that they were the ones who fixed it, because they never got back to me directly, but I have a feeling they reloaded my site from their most recent backup. Anyway, I’m happy now, so you might want to try contacting your host.




    youre looping on that redirect, to start.

    you have each pointing to the other, in other words. that wont work. solve that problem first, as its complicating getting help from anyone re: the problem before you did that.

    Yep, whooami, that’s what I thought.

    Oh my….i’m so sorry i neglected this post.
    I couldn’t find the source of the problem, so instead of wasting my time, i removed the previous instance of WP and reinstalled everything from the latest back-up of the db i did a few days before the screw-up.

    Whooami: The redirect you came across was because i was in the middle of reinstalling WP, and created a sub-domain, etc etc. But thanks for checking it out anyway!

    And thanks to all for assisting.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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