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  • First, a while ago, I created a page at /technology/. Then later, I thought to make a post at /technology/. Then I got an email from a friend saying that had a bunch of technology articles, but not what I described to them. The page trumped the article without notice or warning that I was aware of. (I resolved the problem my changing the post URL to /technology-magic/.)

    If a page URL takes precedence to a post URL, could WordPress inform someone writing a post if the URL used is already taken by a page and the post will get hidden? (And perhaps it might make sense to have pages warn or stop using a URL already used by a post?)


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Sounds like you have a category of blogs or some other custom post type that is titled Technology. WordPress automatically creates what is called an archive page for all categories. You can check that your category slugs are linking correctly under Settings → Permalinks.

    One way to get around this would be to rename the category Tech or something completely different. Another way to get around it would be to name the page Tech. I’m sure there are other solutions too that I am not thinking of but hopefully this clears up your understanding of why you are experiencing the problem.

    Hope this helps. Once you find a solution please tag the thread as resolved.

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