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  • There is no WordPress staff, and there is nothing on that relates to your organization’s website. The login for your website is totally independent of the login for

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    *crying* there is no wordpress staff, of course not.

    Thanks Joy for your support. I guess I’m still confused. Our wordpress is hosted by 1and1, but it’s still a wordpress dashboard. The redirect goes to a wordpress login page. I wanted to submit a screenshot of the login page but I guess I can’t attach photos. Our redirect URL goes to a white page with a big wordpress “W” logo in the middle, with the login boxes below. Looks the same as So if our website uses wordpress, shouldn’t we be able to log into So confused…

    The person who set up our webpage isn’t with us anymore. Could he have used our organization’s email for our website, and his own personal email to sign up for wordpress? Maybe that is why? I have no idea. I just want my org to be able to access the support forum without a separate personal account, it doesn’t make sense to me.

    The service is free hosting of a site running WordPress, with paid options to get your own domain name and/or other hosting. They have staff.

    The site is for support of self-hosted sites. You get the free software here (without needing to log in) and that’s it. There are forums here for volunteer support, and you have to log in to post on the forum, but the login is for a person, not an organization. There is nothing else to get using the account, unless you want to contribute to the project (writing code for WordPress or plugins or themes, writing problem tickets, testing, signing up for the Slack communication channel, etc.) All of this is external to the user accounts that you create on your own self-hosted (at 1and1 in your case) site running the WordPress software.
    Yes, the login screen of your site has a big W which links here. That doesn’t mean your site is here. It just uses this software, as does the site. Same software, same looking login page.

    Your previous website guy probably did use his own email to sign up an account here. But his account here has nothing to do with your site.

    Hello dissentis, as Joy said, your WordPress login page (……….) and the login page (……) look the same because they use the same software but they are installed on different site and they have nothing to do with each other.

    That said, if you wanted to login to WP Simple Pay (which is a external developer which a totally different website that use the same software) you have to contact them directly.

    Also, if you want to reset the password of your site you have this options:

    To know if you have to use the logins of your single site installation or you have to create a new account you only have to check if the domain you are login is the same of your website. It has to start with:

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    Great info. I experienced this before. Joy explained well.

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