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    I had been using WordPress for quite a time and I’m pretty sure it does provide notification from within the dashboard if an update is available. But for this site I have, it hasn’t provided any notification not even once if an update is already available for the plugins installed. It does notify if an update in WordPress version is available BUT not for the plugins installed.

    What I did when I updated the plugins once is I actually checked each of the plugin page if any new version is available for all the plugins installed then I downloaded it one by one and upgraded everything manually. Now I am back again at my site (after months of break) and no update notification whatsoever still. Have manually checked some of the plugins installed and the version installed in my WordPress is so outdated already.

    I think this is independent of the WordPress version because this problem has persisted since the birth of the site and several versions of WordPress have passed already. What could have been the problem why WordPress does not give me notifications in the dashboard? I hope someone can help me or has experienced the same thing.


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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 12 months ago by varrie29.
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  • Notification not working even if plugins are outdated

    Here’s a screenshot of my plugin page showing some of the plugins installed. Some, if not all, are already outdated and yet WordPress does not recognize that as it gives no notification.

    update notification not working
    I’ve done hitting that “Check Again” several times even before the past WordPress versions and still it always indicate “Your plugins are all up to date.” when in fact it is clearly not.

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    – double check in your wp-config.php and in your theme’s functions.php for any snippet that might be suppressing update notifications.
    – also, check with hosting provider if your server is doing it.

    WordPress bug?

    NO. This is not a bug. Also, this is not the default behavior of the WP.

    This issue is specific to your server/installation.

    So, you need to find out why your server or your installation suppress update notification.

    Thank you! That was really helpful. Was able to discover the root cause. Yeah, I was wrong about calling it a bug, sorry about the term.

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    Glad you got it sorted 🙂


    Would you mind sharing the cause of your issue as I seem to be having a similar one.


    You need to check your installation or server as per suggested by @t-p. As for my site, the problem that suppressed the update notification was my caching plugin. I just simply started disabling plugins one by one until update notification started to appear when WPRocket got disabled. Updated my plugins in the dashboard and reactivated the caching plugin again.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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