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  • Hello, I’m finding the WordPress Codex docs and these forums increasingly hard to use and search. The project is becoming a victim of its own success.

    Here are some complaints:
    • Codex searches return foreign language results, user pages before docs?
    • Can’t filter forum search by section, WP build, or by ‘has >1 responses’.
    • Many posts seem to go unanswered, forums feel swamped (needs a ‘Newbies’ section?).
    • Pages like this are becoming too long: (eg ‘Using Permalinks’ appears more than once in list)
    • Some advanced things like permalink rewrite rules feel under-documented.
    • There’s so many plugins listed, it’s getting hard to find what you want. You can have too much of a good thing!

    WP is still an amazing project, nothing comes close IMO. 2.7 was a real bar-raiser. But I find myself struggling a little more to find answers now. It’s not just WP, jQuery & Firefox suffer from ‘noise’ too.

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  • I think you have some good, valid observations there, mothmenace.


    I wish I had enough knowledge to contribute to the documentation with any type of confidence or authority, but I’m forever just a student, I’m afraid.

    “Many posts seem to go unanswered, forums feel swamped (needs a ‘Newbies’ section?).”

    Odd you should mention that. I thought it was just me, but it seems (at least I thought I could see a developing pattern) very noticeable of late. My own perceptions of this, is that a huge number of the unanswered questions seem to be those that are easily and sometimes very, very quickly searchable, and have often been answered (either affirmatively or negatively), many, many times over.

    It seems like people just don’t know how to search the available resources. (or just don’t want to). I blame that on the instant gratification syndrome brought on by the light-speed proliferation of little, or no effort information available on the internet. (‘yep. I’m guilty too!) Now there’s a paradox… 🙂

    “WP is still an amazing project, nothing comes close IMO. 2.7 was a real bar-raiser.”

    I agree. I just can’t learn fast enough to suit me anymore. I use WordPress daily, both intranet and internet installations. For me, 2.7 was just like having the developers finally shine a bright light on the whole thing. (I’ve been with it since 1.5). I have a pretty good time with it.

    </pointless ramble>


    I agree that contributing is a little daunting – I’d feel more comfortable with something like PHP/Flash docs, where you can comment underneath a page and there is moderation/admin responses if necessary. That way semi-pro people can contribute without the fear of getting it wrong. I know there are user pages but keeping everything in 1 page is more concise/readable IMO.

    As you say, lot’s of peeps posting then finding their answer shortly after! I do hope WP adds a ‘newbie’ section… I completely agree, everyone is getting lazier myself included, but I think the basic WP search functions are exacerbating the problem.

    It sounds shallow, but the UI/graphical improvements in 2.7 really made it stand out for me! All the best

    I sometimes end up using google search with the clause “” appended at the end (for both support and plugin search); but yes, this does not solve the lack of advanced search features at the forums, and is something that I find myself asking for too, apart from other things.

    I’d love to contribute back to the documentation, but I also feel under-prepared. But I am hoping to get there soon.

    Good points, I’m inclined to agree with them.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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