WordPress Disappears after changing settings (3 posts)

  1. hhpov
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Installed WordPress

    then noticed that it was installed at

    mydomain.com/wordpress instead of mydomain.com

    so I modified the settings in the control panel and wordpress wont resolve. I tried to reinstall it and it says I already have it installed.

    Cannot access it or unable to uninstall it.

    How can i fix this and how can I have it without the /wordpress in the domain.

    The folder is already in the top level of my directory ???

  2. To reinstall WordPress afresh, you will need to clear your database tables (drop all tables).

    Or, you can try one of these 4 methods:

  3. jwinter66
    Posted 3 years ago #

    put a copy of the index.php file in the root and edit this line. (add /wordpress/) as shown.


    If you can access the mysql database you can edit the settings location.

    did you edit both the wordpress url and site url? to get the site to resolve from the root you only need to edit the site url and copy the index.php and modify as above.

    you can edit the paths in the wp_options table of the database. site url is the first item and the home url (wordpress url) is on the second page of this table.

    change the home option_name in the table back to the http://yoursite/wordpress. copy and modify the index.php as above and you the site should be back up

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