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  • Chris Olbekson


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    Please contact your web host support. They are the only ones who can help in this situation unless you have a local backup of your site.

    If you want to restore from your BackupBuddy backup you will need to contact them for support on how to restore from a backup. Commercial plugins are not supported on these forums.

    What Chris said – this is definitely a problem for the designer and your client, not the WordPress forums.

    That being said, if you have access to the domain name, and you have a recent backup buddy backup (with the importbuddy.php file you need to extract and install the backup) then you can get new hosting somewhere, set up a database on it, point the domain name nameservers to it, pop in the importbuddy.php file and the zipped backup, and just run it.

    Thank you for your response Chris and Shelly.

    Sorry to have bothered anyone here. I have been a long time member and builder of WordPress websites and rarely use the forum. I am sorry I did not see a sign indicating I couldn’t ask a question about a WordPress plugin. I don’t use this plugin for my clients and not sure what “Commercial plugins” refers to.

    I clearly understand this should be a problem to be fixed by the designer but she has disappeared leaving my client and many others fending for themselves. My client has contacted BlueHost and they refuse to help him because he does not have access to the designers credit card number (last 4) or password to her server. That is common S.O.P. for all hosting companies. With her account offline, so is my client’s website and he can’t use his wp-admin to gain access.

    If I as a designer can’t go to the forum to ask a question, where should I go? Do I tell my client that it’s his problem and there is no one to help him or me in the WordPress forums? Please help me understand so I don'[t bother anyone in the future.

    Again, I apologize for asking this question in the WordPress forum for a WordPress plugin?

    It’s not that you can’t ask about plugins….

    The specific issue here is ‘Commercial’ – as in premium. We, as volunteers, cannot support commercial themes or plugins. We can’t download them, we don’t have access to the code, we simply aren’t able to know anything about them.

    Aside from that, the price paid for premium themes/plugins includes support – we aren’t part of that business, so again can’t offer support.

    We can offer support on WordPress, and the themes and plugins available for download from this site.

    It’s not that you can’t ask – and I’m not sure the above responses were intended that way. It’s simply that we can’t help. We don’t have the ability to assist with hosting, or with any premium/commercial services or products.

    Thanks for clarifying. I’ve never heard of BackupBuddy and wasn’t aware it is a paid for plugin. I searched online and found it was from iThemes.

    Sorry again; I was just trying to help my new client. I will search “online” next time I seek help for an unknown item.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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