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  • Its being long time…I’m sick and tired abt this error try everything which had been suggested (restarted server, used Cache plug inns) but still facing this error

    WordPress database error: [User ‘freedown_info’ has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 50000)]
    SELECT * FROM wp_categories WHERE cat_ID = ’54’ LIMIT 1

    Whenever i try to post, after 2-3 post this error comes up and stay there for 10-15 mins…
    Any help will be appreciated

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  • This is restricted in the MySQL user table (in the mysql database). You said you restarted the server, so I assume you control it. Try this:

    mysql> USE mysql;
    mysql> UPDATE user SET max_questions = '0';

    And if you’re using iPowerWeb, you need to get a new host. iPowerWeb sets max_questions to 50,000 and will not raise it. Run as fast as you can.



    Hello Mark (or anyone else who can help),

    I am sorry to bother, but what does one do if not self-hosted in this case? I’m hosted by and I don’t know what exactly I have to ask them to do, if anything. Thanks for any tip in advance, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

    Just open a support ticket with your hosting company and point them to this thread for the solution.

    My site is hosted in iPower and two days ago I saw this message that is similar to above which could be seen by everyone):

    What should I do? Change the host?

    Here is what could be seen my site before it was made to redirect to another location (temporarily):

    WordPress database error: [User ‘blogcomn_uzwal’ has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 50000)]

    WordPress database error: [User ‘blogcomn_uzwal’ has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 50000)]
    CREATE TABLE bl_categories ( cat_ID bigint(20) NOT NULL auto_increment, cat_name varchar(55) NOT NULL default ”, category_nicename varchar(200) NOT NULL default ”, category_description longtext NOT NULL, category_parent bigint(20) NOT NULL default ‘0’, category_count bigint(20) NOT NULL default ‘0’, PRIMARY KEY (cat_ID), KEY category_nicename (category_nicename) )

    Hi Everyone,

    There is a very easy solution to this problem. Go into your ipower vDeck and create another user for your Database. You simply add the new user inside vDeck… no need to go into MyPHPadmin.

    For whatever reason this fixes the problem right away.

    Keep on bloggin!

    My site ( ) also have the same problem, I tried to change the database version, but still did not solve the problem.

    Wow! OliverC — Thank you SO much for posting this solution. I’ve been on hold waiting for ipower tech support for 1 1/2 hours. I found your solution and decided to give it a try — it worked! THANKS — now I can hang up on ipower!!!

    I would like to add that unfortunately if your blog is popular the error will return and you will have to add more database users. I spoke with iPower again and they said to install WP-Cache and that should do the trick. I am going to give it a shot and I will report back here in 2 weeks or so.

    Hmmm, hard to know what popular is — I’m assuming I’ll need a new database user in about the same amount of time or less as it took me to have this problem the first time around. I really appreciate all your help. If the WP-Cache works, could you also post where I might find instructions to do that? Also, I’ve had complaints about my site being slow to load since I created the new database user. Do you suppose that really caused the problem, or could the problems maybe be related to all the problems that ipowerweb is currently having? I haven’t been migrated to the new platform yet, if that has anything to do with it. Thanks again!

    Thanks, Oliver. I have no idea what’s going on with iPower, either, but your quick fix worked. I, too, would appreciate hearing about WP-Cache.

    I’ve put off upgrading WP until I got the problem resolved. Now that my blog is, once again, visible and workable, I guess I should do that.

    Nor do I have any idea how on earth my lame blog would ever reach 50,000 entries!

    Thanks, Oliver. Your fix totally worked and saved me hours of waiting for ipower tech support.

    Thanks Oliver – this happened a while back and I got on the phone with iPower but never did the quick fix. It just happened again, and when I added the user, it immediately fixed the problem.



    i am also getting the same error message :

    WordPress database error: [User ‘???????’ has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 50000)]

    i contacted my host and they said it’s because (not sure of technicalities but) the max number of permissible queries per user is set to 50 000 per hour. once it reaches this limit, it blocks any more queries until the hour is up then it is reset.

    the problem with my site is, that every so often my site just displays a very basic page, no posts, etc. when i try and login, i find that there is no database. if i go to phpmyadmin, all the data is in the database but wordpress just does not see it. i then delete the database and load up my backup. then when i try and access my website, i get the 50 000 error. my questions are, is the “dissapearance” of my database (as far as wordpress is concerned) because of the 50 000 error? secondly, i assume that the 50 000 is actually 50 000 queries sent to the databse in 1 hour – if this is the case, then it must mean that spiders, robots and other “automatic” accesses are made to my website, causing this high database query? if this is the case, how do i stop this?

    much appreciate any help in this regard.



    thanks OliverC

    I have the same problem
    WordPress database error: [User ‘???????’ has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 50000)]

    I use your solution to fix the problem. I just have one more question. will the problem come back again ? if yes, should I use the same solution to fix the problem ? thanks so much


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