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  • I’ve seen a number of threads about this error, but most of them are old, pre-WP 3.0. Most of them point to a solution presented here, which was taken from a solution offered here.

    The suggested solution is basically to add $this->query("set session wait_timeout=600"); to the wp-db.php file.

    So, since the old thread are closed, and the wp-db.php file has changed quite a bit since, can anyone tell me if this is still a legit fix? (And if so, why wouldn’t it just be included in WP to begin with?)


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  • Hi Mike,

    That particular error is not exclusive to WordPress and may be caused by several things, including the SQL server settings or a packet that is incorrect and/or too large:

    So, anything from your server settings to a bad plugin or theme could cause this error. It’s not something inherit or wrong with WordPress. You could certainly try the work around and see if it resolves your issue. You may also want to make sure no plugins or themes could be causing an issue.

    Hope this helps!

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