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  • Got my login and random password, but these four errors generated when WordPress tried to set-up:

    WordPress database error: [drop command denied to user: ‘’ for table ‘wp_optionvalues’]
    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS wp_optionvalues

    WordPress database error: [drop command denied to user: ‘’ for table ‘wp_optiontypes’]
    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS wp_optiontypes

    WordPress database error: [drop command denied to user: ‘’ for table ‘wp_optiongroups’]
    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS wp_optiongroups

    WordPress database error: [drop command denied to user: ‘’ for table ‘wp_optiongroup_options’]
    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS wp_optiongroup_options

    What is a bit confusing is “” is not where the config file is told to look for database stuff, that’s “”.

    What is this “drop” command, and what now? Why is WordPress looking to do database stuff outside the explicit reference in the config file?

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  • This Drop command tells the database to drop (delete) the given table if it already exists.

    The name in front of the @ should be your (DB) user name, after the @ should be the the name of the server (

    Are the second and the third XXXXX… the same as the first (your username) ?

    You have to provide the database name, the (DB) server name and the username as well as the password in wp-config.php.

    Can you double check them (especially the server name) ?

    And ask the database guys if they have granted your user all the rights in your database. That’s the most likely reason for the error …

    The name in front of the @ is my user name, correct. The name after the @ is *not* (per the syntax it’s “”)…seems to be trying to route through the web hosting services, which is not where the database is located, per the config file.

    Why would wordpress be trying to route a database command via the web host when it knows explicitly that is *not* where the database is located?

    I’d like to get back to SpeakEasy ASAP but I need to know why WordPress would be trying to do database commands via the webhost first.

    I meant to ask…the Blog *seems* to be working…is the error on these four tables bad, can it be tested to see if functionality was lost?

    Well since no replies, starting over. They did enable the “drop” functionality for me, so it was definitely disabled.

    Of course, I just discovered that I can’t just delete the old files, I have to clear the database somehow. Yet another service ticket in with my ISP (gonna drive them and me nuts with this). They don’t provide a “cpanel” and their own link is some PC-based software (I need web or Mac-based).

    Hopefully they’ll just do it for me. Once the tables are wiped clean I’ll try a fresh install. *crosses fingers*

    I think I’d get a different host and save myself a lot of frustration!

    Oh goodness no. Speakeasy has been the most reliable connection and tech support I’ve had since Best Communications way back when (which Verio bought then promptly destroyed).

    They don’t claim SQL hand-holding, only provisioning of service. The problem is I don’t understand MySQL very well (or at all, FileMaker is my forté). So I have to learn a few things, no biggie. Just means “5 minute installation” is more like “5 minutes after you learn basic SQL administration.” 😉

    In that vein, anybody want to venture a quick way to wipe my SQL database of all tables (including some web-based or Mac-based SQL admin software) so I can try the WordPress installation again?

    Does Speakeasy use cPanel or some other admin interface for the administration page? If so, click on your MySQL section and just hit the delete buttons by the user and the database.

    No, no admin provided. It’s up to the user to provide their own interface.

    I had one recommended in another thread but was advised to install it (server-side), use it, then delete it immediately for security reasons. I was hoping to find something less tedious, like a “mySQL client” I could install on my local machine that could “log in” remotely to do admin functions.

    Heck, I’ll even entertain PC-based software for this, but would prefer Mac-based.

    I hate to be a pest but I’m kinda outa my league here. So there is no secure way to access MySQL remotely unless your ISP provides cpanel? I find that a tad hard to believe…

    Due to a lack of info/support for Mac users for mySQL, and me just not finding time to learn to do it myself, I’ve had to abandone the idea of a blog for now.

    Thanks to everyone for your attempts to help.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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