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  • Okay I get this message on my site in the categories area.

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘category_count’ in ‘field list’]
    SELECT cat_ID, cat_name, category_nicename, category_description, category_parent, category_count FROM wp_categories WHERE cat_ID > 0 ORDER BY cat_ID asc

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ../wp-includes/template-functions-category.php on line 321

    Can anyone make any since of this, if so, can you please help me.

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  • skippy



    I see no such error. Did you do anything?

    We’re getting an error message on our sites as well. Anyone else? It’s saying:

    Error establishing a database connection
    This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can’t contact the database server at localhost. This could mean your host’s database server is down.

    Are you sure you have the correct username and password?
    Are you sure that you have typed the correct hostname?
    Are you sure that the database server is running?

    that’s a totally different error, absolutely not related to the topic you are trying to hijack 🙂

    Start your own topic in the Install section.
    And check 10 times the 4 pieces of info in your wp-config.php file…

    ya, i have been gone so i couldn’t reply. Ya I fixed it though. Some how the update.php was still the old one when i did I uploaded and updated, so ya, I figured that out, put the new one on, and updated and everything works.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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