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    I believe that Skippy’s v1.5 of the plugin already includes the changes made by Owen in his v1.5:




    No, Owen’s 1.5 is different from my 1.5. Tricky, isn’t it?

    I’ve literally just finished fixing a few (small) bugs introduced by Owen’s rewrite, as well as introducing a few small new features.

    I plan to release 1.6 either tonight or tomorrow.

    That is exciting news, skippy! Thank you!

    Skippy, since you’re working on it now, I have a little suggestion for your Installation Instructions. I got it through trial-and-error.

    Step #3 of your instruction… Clarify… Change to “Put wp-db-backup.php in your wp-content/plugins folder, and put the other 2 (?) files in the wp/content/backup/ directory you created. Then go to your Admin>Plugins page and Activate the plugin.” It was confusing to me, admittedly new at this, when the Installation Instructions included the line:

      “Install and activate the plugin.”

    I never had to do Step #2. I was afraid of that step before downloading, because I knew I did not understand. Where would I type those commands, if I needed to?

    I love the plugin so far. It was MUCH easier to install than I feared when I was reading-up on it. Thank you.


    Please be sure to read the installation instructions included in the zip file. For the impatient, here they are:

    1. Create a directory /wp-content/backup/ inside your WordPress directory.
    $ cd wordpress/wp-content
    $ mkdir backup
    2. Make this directory writable by your webserver.
    $ chgrp www-data backup
    $ chmod g+w backup
    3. Insall and activate the plugin
    4. Navigate to Manage -> Backup
    5. Backup!

    And for those worried about “size issues” 😉 with their backups, with the latest version I was able to gzip over 30 megabytes of WordPress database stuff.

    Worked like a charm!

    Thanks ringmaster and skippy for this brilliant plugin. Backing up WordPress Database is so darn easy now.




    Note that when Lorelle says “latest version”, she is in fact referring to the unreleased version that I said was coming soon.

    Lorelle was kind enough to help me test this plugin through its development, and she continues to get dibs on the new versions. =)

    Well I can’t wait for 1.6 then.




    Huzzah! Great work Skippy and Owen. I have been looking for this kind of functionality since I adopted WordPress. And I’m sure other WP users had the same need. Thank you very much for your terrific work.

    Yeah you guys rock! It’s people like you that keeps this whole community that much better 🙂

    Great! Thank you!!! This has become quite an impressive plugin! I wouldn’t be surprised if you are asked/begged to have it included in the next WordPress version.

    Personally I find MySQL commands about as easy to understand as ancient Egyptian hiroglyphs, so I would be helpless without this kind of help.

    <confused mode ON>

    OK, I’ve placed the wp-db-backup.php file in my /wordpress/wp-content/plugins folder, created a /wordpress/wp-content/backup folder (checking with my webhost tech support folks to make sure it was set to writeable), activated the plugin and hit BACKUP. Nothing happens…the progress bar just sits at one tick. I’ve tried all three options, email/download and save to folder…same results.

    What incredibly simple/silly step am I missing?

    <confused mode OFF>




    Can you please check your webserver’s error log for any interesting information? I’ve received at least two other reports of this behavior, but no one has yet been able to show me any error logs to help me diagnose it. Since I can’t reproduce the error, there’s nothing I can do until I get some clue as to the cause.

    I tried to run the backup again and then looked in the errorlog for the last entry:

    [Sat Aug 13 16:35:15 2005] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/redpageformat/divider.gif

    I’m in way over my head, but that doesn’t seem like that is the problem to me. There were 4 files in the plugin zipfile I downloaded from you…was there a purpose for the PowerPoint template file and the .MO file? Was I to copy them into a folder somewhere?

    Like most of my issues, I won’t be suprised to find this is yet another “mindware” problem. 🙂

    Don’t think that has anything to do with the plugin.

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