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  • Hi,

    I’ve started to notice that for the past month or so there never was any updates available (WordPress, plugins, etc) in the plugins area of WordPress and on the dashboard.

    Today I decided to manually validate this and noticed that everything was out of date. I’ve upgraded WP to version 4.9.2 but the problem persisted. Still can’t see the indication that there are updates.

    I’ve started updating the plugins manually, but the problem doesn’t go away.

    Any ideas why this is happening?


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  • I’m having the same issue in just one of my websites.

    Any ideas as to how to correct this?

    Same here! No notifications are showing up any more, if I fore the check, it sais everything is up to date but my WP version and several plugins are not up to date.

    I decided to update to WP 4.9.8 manually, but the problem with all plugin updates still remains.

    I am confused … any idea how to solve this?

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    The way I solved this issue was by reinstalling WP. I took a WP DB backup first, reinstalled everything and then restored the WP DB.

    To those of you experiencing the issue with the WP Dashboard showing everything up to date, but the plugin version is clearly out of date if you start checking the updates manually, has anyone found resolution to the issue? I was hoping someone can post how you resolved the problem and steps you took to help out on this thread.

    @hcreative-1 @rose20 @r_feio @lseabra @plastikschnitzer

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    Was having this same issue. I had bought my theme through envato, and needed to download their plugin, connect it with a token, and then once I had my envato plugin connected to my account, I was finally able to update my theme. At first I wasn’t able to update it through the envato plugin, but could go back to the update tabs on the dashboard and update successfully. Hopefully this helps some people

    yep, same problem

    I now discovered that if you go to install plugins and search for already installed plugins there, you will get shown if a new plugin version is available! I can also update the plugin here!
    But its a very bad workaround as you would have to search for every single plugin thee …
    And WordPress core updates are not shown here. Maybe I should update to WordPress 5.0 manually and see if the problem is solved :-/

    I’m having this same issue on a website I’ve inherited and which I do maintenance on. It has a Genesis child theme. There’s a notification to upgrade Genesis in the dashboard, but when I click on this I get a page saying ‘click here to complete the upgrade’, when I do this I’m re-directed to the theme settings page and the notification ‘Genesis 2.7.2 is available. Check out what’s new or update now.’ reappears at the top of the page and it hasn’t updated.

    It also says that WordPress is up to date at 4.9.8, so no notification to upgrade to 5. I have tried ‘check again’, but says wordpress is up to date.

    I was until about a month ago updating plugins, in fact I’m sure I updated some just a couple of weeks ago. However, I now notifications at the top of the dashboard about two premium plugins needing updates, however when I go to plugins these updates are not visible.

    I’ve maintained this site for 3 years and never had any problems before. I have other sites using the same host and have experienced no problems upgrading Genesis or WordPress on these.

    I’m going to investigate further and if I find a solution, I’ll post it here. If others can do the same it would be helpful for everyone. One of the problems I have is that even though I have a verified Genesis theme installed, because I didn’t build the site, I have no access to Genesis help and support/login.

    I’m concerned as the client wants some major changes in the new year, I’d like the software to be up to date before I start these….

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

    I was having the same issue and found this thread. I managed to solve the issue and maybe it helps somebody else.

    I disabled all plugins on a staging site and I suddenly did see the updates. By enabling the plugins one by one I found out the problem was caused by the plugin White Label CMS. As I see some people mention client sites, they might have installed this plugin too.

    The solution:
    1) disable White Label CMS
    2) update White Label CMS
    3) enable White Label CMS

    After these steps all updates are visible again.

    The rest of the sites I updated by updating White Label CMS via FTP.

    And if you don’t use White Label CMS, the method of disabling and enabling plugins might help you too. NOTE: Please test it on a development or staging site!

    When I updated my wordpress installation to 5.0.1 I had the same problem. Using @rfmcomposer idea, I went through my plugins. The plugin that was causing the issue was deactivated!!! After deleting the plugin all the notifications came back and I could update the rest of my plugins. I am not sure if it was indeed the plugin’s fault or if the act of deleting a plugin kicked it into gear but that’s what happened to me. The plugin was WP comment field manager.

    Website academy – you solved it! Yes, as soon as I disabled White Label all the updates (and there were a lot) were visible and I’ve just updated Genesis and Wordpres (which is now 5.2). Thank you : )

    I have a similar issue. All my plugins update when they should, but WordPress core updates, are no longer pushed to me. Because of this I am currently using an outdated version of the WordPress core (4.8.1). The only way I can update, would be to manually update, and although this is possible, it is not as simple as the one click update. I would obviously like to do the simpler, and safer update. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

    Thank you for this @rfmcomposer , I disabled White Label CMS and now see a list of updates required. Think I’ll manage without this plugin for now.

    Thanks @rfmcomposer, this was driving me mad, but disabling White Label CMS did the trick. Now I wonder why that is…

    I had the issue with White Label CMS as well, but the issue stopped after I updated to the latest version. Of course, I had to disable it first so I could actually do the update.

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