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  • Hi guys,

    In my WordPress dashboard area, one of my custom post types has its taxonomies/categories associated with it (list of taxonomies) constantly displayed.

    Even if I collapse the dashboard menu, the General Item taxonomy list remains.

    Here are 2 screenshots with the issue.
    Screen 1 –
    Screen 2 –

    As you can imagine this is very frustrating as I can’t do much as I can’t see or click on anything.

    I do have a lot of taxonomies under the General Item CPT but I didn’t think this would be an issue.

    I have contacted my host provider and they deactivated all my plugins which successfully removed the list. As I reactivated the plugins one by one I discovered that the JetEngine plugin was the cause. Which made sense as that is where the CPT & Taxonomies are created.

    My Host doesn’t have the capabilities to assist and the Plugin developer (Crocoblock) says its a WordPress display issue and nothing at their end. So here I am.

    Crocoblock support says I could possible reduce the number of taxonomies in the list which does make a bit of sense as the issue did start to happen as I was adding the taxonomies, but surely I shouldn’t have to delete my work for this issue to be solved.

    Any help will be very much appreciated.


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    Yes, it’s a display issue with the WP menuing. It wasn’t anticipated a post type would have that many taxonomies related to it. You ought to be able to add admin CSS that places that flyout content into a scrolled container. However, it’ll be difficult to arrive at the right CSS using your browser’s element inspector tool because the flyouts are generated by script, not by CSS manipulation.

    If you select your CPT in the primary menu, the taxonomy list should stack below and be scrollable with the rest of the screen. Yeah, it’s an extra click and page load, but then you can access all items.

    It’s advisable to limit the total number of taxonomies because each one must be initialized by PHP for every page request whether the taxonomy is needed or not. You may have as many terms as you wish, but it’s best to limit taxonomies themselves. I know that it would suck to need to redefine your term assignments, but you’d be better off with them all under one or very few taxonomies. You may have parent/child terms, so for example, taxonomy “Wedding” could simply be a top level category term instead, and its terms could become child terms under the parent term “Wedding”.

    It may be possible to restructure your terms by hacking the term_taxonomy table, if you are very familiar with how the term tables are organized. It’d be very easy to corrupt the table this way. Be sure you have good backups before attempting anything like table hacking.

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