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  • Hi All

    I am please to announce the release of a crm for wordpress. Basically works of any form you decide to create and stores the data for you to interrogate at some future point.

    Can be downloaded from here:
    CRM Plugin

    A brief resume:
    * Create any type of form/s with any fields needed
    * No html form knowlege required – although a little wouldn’t hurt!
    * Create and edit forms and fields using AJAX
    * Validate form fields using six different parameters
    * Form specific success messages
    * Dynamic form generation
    * Add, edit and delete CRM categories
    * Assign one or multiple form results to categories for email purposes
    * Manually add form results from previous contacts
    * User ID capture during form submission
    * Create email or newsletter templates for reuse
    * Dynamic personalization of email and newsletters during delivery
    * HTML or plain text mail (text alternative is sent along with the HTML version)
    * PHP mail() or SMTP server email methods
    * Dynamic inline upload for attachments and images
    * Javascript image and attachment functions for addition to templates
    * Mass mail capabilities
    * Sort contacts by category, year, month or day or all options at once!



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  • Cregy


    Version 0.2 Beta of the WordPress CRM Plugin Now available

    Here is the next version of the plugin. It is now capable of being populated by both users and administrators from the front-end and back-end. It has snail mail capabilities using .txt files that are available to download or view. The sorting/searching functions have been beefed up.

    You can edit any part of the information. You can manually add contact information per record. I have split the creation and management into two main tabs. You can create a user from the one of the plugin pages rather than going over to the users tab. The back-end forms are equipped with a pull down menu of current users to populate that field easily.

    I keep getting this error:

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘inv_date’ in ‘order clause’]
    select * from wp_wd_crm_form_results where wd_result_id IS NOT NULL and DATE(wd_entry_date) BETWEEN ‘2007-10-11’ and ‘2007-10-11’ and wd_result_id IN(select wd_contact_id from wp_wd_crm_form2cat where wd_category_id = 1 ) ORDER by inv_date ASC

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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