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  • Hello Everyone,

    Can you please tell me if a credit/link back to wordpress.org is required on every page of my blog ?

    Best Regards,

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  • As far as I know, No one compells you to do that.
    but it is a goodwill gesture for the hardwork these guys put in for developing it.


    It’s not required, however it’s kind of a common courtesy thing. Helps to spread the word of this great piece of software!!

    It is usually required however when you use another person’s theme (unless they state otherwise)… so you might as well keep the wordpress link there too, right? 😉

    Thanks for the info 🙂

    It is usually required however when you use another person’s theme (unless they state otherwise)

    This only applies if they’re using a CC licence (which is officially disapproved of, by the way). If they’ve released the theme under GPL they can’t require a linkback any more than wordpress can. They can only ask for it nicely and threaten bad karma if it’s removed 😉

    kind of why I used the word “usually”… but whatever.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The linking back from themes to the originators site was a fairly controversial matter back in the days of wp styles. What ntu is saying is correct and what applies to WP applies to all other GPL themes / code / plugins / whatever.

    However, I certainly still see themes where a readme will have “Please do not remove the link to my site” or similar. For people coming to this forum they may see – and learn – otherwise. But for many many others they will not know and will leave such links.
    The point isn’t that the links are there or not – it’s that the user of the theme should be informed of their right to remove it.
    It can’t be GPL in some way and not-GPL in another. As can be seen in other GPL threads on here it’s a very grey area in some respects but if you have a theme and you do not want a visible link back on your blog, remove it.
    And if you have a theme that you like and want the author to make more, maybe leaving it is the best move.

    Of course what is in the CSS must remain untouched – it IS their work and it must stay that way.

    Podz does it really mean that the link back to WP website is not required under GPL as well ?

    Namesniper – it’s not, and never has been, required. However as mentioned before, it’s a good faith effort on the part of the site owner to encourage others to use something they find worthwhile.

    Podz – now I’m confused. Are you saying that if I download a theme, I can’t modify the CSS??? And if I can, and do, then can I remove all traces of credit to the original theme author?

    This is proving to be a more enlightening topic than expected. Because I’ve read the CC and GPL licenses and such – and apparantly I’m falling for something I shouldn’t?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    You do not have to leave any links back to WP on your blog that come with the blog. So you can remove the link in the footer, the links in the sidebar – even the version info in the header.
    The GPL is one complex bit of writing that I’ll not pretend to understand, but Matt has openly stated here as have others many times that removing the links to WordPress.org from the blog is absolutely fine.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    “Podz – now I’m confused. Are you saying that if I download a theme, I can’t modify the CSS??? And if I can, and do, then can I remove all traces of credit to the original theme author?”

    No – the GPL does not stop you from changing anything.
    It stops you claiming the CSS as your own as far as I know. The next question is when does an altered theme become sufficiently altered to become a new piece of work. As a non-designer my reply would involve the words “string” and “long” 🙂

    is one thread I recall, but there have been many others – simply because there is no definitive answer.

    I know what my take on it is but because it’s a grey area while some may agree others would not – and we’ll all be right – or wrong.

    When it comes down to themes, plugins and themes that hook into wp code … there are many views.

    Podz,i am a bit confused now 🙁

    I have contacted Matt by AIM and he told me that link back is required,howevere then he has gone offline so i couldnt mention him this thread

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Words from the guy himself:

    (And I’m surprised matt would have said that – I suspect a misunderstanding)

    Sure you got the right Matt there?

    In any case, the only real requirement with WordPress is that if you modify the source in any way and redistribute it, you must retain the GPL. But links back to wordpress.org on your blog? No.

    But hey, why wouldn’t you want to link to wp.org? What, you don’t like the site? ;)

    Hopefully it was a missunderstanding as in mentioned topic he clearly said “not required”

    Kafkaesqui unless IM provider here photomatt.net/contact doesnt belong to him,i was IMing with right Matt 🙂

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