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  • Hi

    Trying to establish a behavior of WordPress or a server during specific actions in WordPress.

    Many users of my auto blogging plugin have reported massive traffic to their affiliate provider. Now I know my plugin has no function at all that could follow through a URL and behave as if it is crawling it.

    It has also been found that it happens at the point of a post being created or updated in WordPress. Rather than when the page is being loaded by WordPress. My plugin obviously uses WordPress own functions to create or update posts.

    Pinging is disabled. But I wonder if trackback is something to do with it and always enabled?

    Obviously during normal use of WordPress, a single post would be created, very little traffic generated.

    But we’re mass creating posts so this behaviour happens at a much larger rate.

    Also, many uses are importing affiliate data that have URL’s all going to the same site. So, the problem being experienced is too many hits on a single site. We’re talking thousands within minutes.

    Does anyone know if this is WordPress or a standard server behavior?!

    I’m going to keep looking into it. I wouldn’t be surprised if people on the Black Hat SEO forum knows all about this. The idea of generating a lot of traffic like this has to be good for something.

    Thanks in advance for response.


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