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  • I have a copy of my WordPress site installed locally for development. It seemed to be working fine but now all of a sudden when I load the main page Apache crashes.

    The site has some embedded Flash files from YouTube and a site called iJigg (they’re flash audio players). It always seems to crash at a point where one of those files are, but it’s not always the same one.

    What I’m running:

    Apache 1.3.29
    PHP 4.3.4
    MySQL 3.23.49

    Maybe I just need to upgrade to a newer version of Apache? Also I can post log files if that would help. I looked through them but nothing really jumped out at me.

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  • Actually after further testing it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the Flash files.

    I reconfigured WordPress to only show 1 post on the main page (and the latest post doesn’t contain any Flash) and it still crashes. The weird thing is I can view any single post page without a problem. It’s only the main page that causes Apache to crash.

    The only difference I can see between those pages is the side bar. There is a lot of stuff in my side bar. The archives links go pretty far down and I have a lot of categories and a long blogroll. Could that have something to do with it?

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