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  • I changed the WP charset in the admin panel from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1. Since I had to find a way to display Italian language chars in WP.
    Than since WP using the ISO was generating XHTML content weird, I reverted to UTF-8. A second after doing that my WP pages do not generate anymore, all I get is ERROR 404.

    Does somebody know how to edit the charset info into the MySQL database? I cant find the record line..

    Thank you very much.

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  • 1. The site is up and running – it would be nice to come back and tell what happend.
    2. A general misconception: “I have to change utf-8 to be able to write in my language…” – WRONG! utf-8 supports ALL languages, all character sets.
    2a. Usually the problem is with your computer, your text editor etc. Especially if you copy/paste articles to post in WP. Whatever you type in WP – will have the correct encoding. On the other hand, copying from bad word processors and websites etc. is a bad practice: that’s the reason for “not correct” characters…
    3. Changing the encoding (character set) back and forth is the sure recipe for screwing up your blog! Whenever you change the encoding everything written in a different encoding will show up with all kind of strange, weird characters.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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