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  • I’m going to be starting a new project in the near future to add another website to my domain, and I’d like the new site to be able to have a comments form on the pages which will have posted articles on them. As an example, I’ll use this page off of another site on my domain.

    Prior to this, I’d directed people to my forum to make comments, but I’ve since had to close registration there because I was tired of dealing with all the spammers constantly registering accounts there. Having a comments form on my sites seems like a good idea, but I’m worried about using some of the others that are available would leave me open to spammers, only now on my various pages rather than just in my forum. So having comments through WordPress seems like a good idea to me, similar to how I’ve seen some sites use Facebook as a required log-in to post comments. Is this possible?

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  • I’m pretty sure that the only way to use the WordPress commenting system is to use WordPress. Sites using Facebook, etc, are tapping directly into those particular APIs.

    Huh, well that’s too bad. You wouldn’t happen to know of any sites that show how to create comment forms like this but require, say, answering a question, which might foil spammers, do you? All I’ve seen is fairly simple stuff that basically leaves it vulnerable to spambots. :/

    These forums are for WordPress support. If you’re looking for plugins for WordPress that add extra security to the commenting system on Wordpree, the search bar above is your friend. If you’re looking for standalone solutions for a non-Wordpress site, I suggest you try Google.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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