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  • I am using a wordpress CMS along with a Woo Theme. The theme is MyStyle and it is a fluid layout. Within the css is a file called layout.css and it has this information at the top

    The styles in this stylesheet only apply to resolutions 768px and up

    The layout is fluid. The sote wrapper (.col-full) has a fixed pixel max-width.
    All subsequent dimensions are calculated based on that fixed pixel width, using the formula: target / context = result
    Credit –

    I am customizing this theme to suit a project I am working on. I have used a page.php file to create a new home/index or landing page whichever you prefer (for the main body in between the header and the footer). What I need to know is the simplest way that I can make the additions in this page to become fluid or responsive with the rest of the theme CSS in the browser. The page as it stands is live and at this link.

    I have set all the new css (in the custom css as %’s using the target / context process) but the theme does not seem to respond properly as you will see. The sidebar does not drop down to the bottom and all it does is get thinner and thinner. Not very nice really. I would appreciate if anybody can give me a heads up on where to find simple tuts to solve these issues or can guide me helping hand via a couple of emails. I look forward to your help.

    I have been looking up grid systems as well in order to solve the issues. But I cannot seem to find out the grid system used to create this theme. Is it a 6, 9, 12, 16, or 22 grid? Am I missing something in my custom CSS? I would appreciate any help that is forthcoming. It is probably quite simple.



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    I’m sorry but as you are using a non-WPORG theme, you need to seek support from the theme’s developers – paid or otherwise. We only support themes downloaded from here.

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