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  • Hello,

    I have a wordpress website which is using Clouflare CDN.
    Though the use of CloudFlare I still have quiet slow loading times and the speed isn’t as fast as it should be. I optimized my website but still no go.
    I contacted the storage service I am using. they told me the speeding problems and loading times could be improved by moving my site to a VPS hosting instead of shared hosting as it is right now. saying that even though I’m using a CDN migration to VPS could enhance the performance.

    To my understanding, having a CDN means that when a visitor tries to log to the website he downloads all the data from the CDN servers. if that is indeed so, why would migrating to VPS change the loading times and the speed? shouldn’t they be a derivative of the CDN rather than the hosting service I’m using?

    I will appreciate your assistance
    Best Regards,

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  • By default Cloudflare caches static resources such as images, CSS, and JavaScript, but not HTML. Also, Cloudflare will only keep your resources cached if your page is accessed frequently (they don’t disclose exactly how frequently). So, your web host still matters when it comes to site speed. Some suggestions … if you are not already doing so, use a caching plugin. I like LiteSpeed cache if you are on a LiteSpeed server, otherwise Comet Cache – there are other good ones as well. If your HTML is fairly stable – not a lot of frequent comments or e-commerce, for example – consider a CloudFlare page rule to “cache everything”. Are you bumping up against your shared hosting limits for bandwidth or CPU use or something else? If not, your host’s upsell suggestion to pay more for VPS would cause me to immediately shop for new hosting. does a great job of monitoring/evaluating speed and uptime of some of the popular hosts.

    What is your url?

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