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  • Hi.

    Can’t get my WP Christmas cards to work:

    I auto-installed the Satollo “Postcards” ecard plugin directly from inside WordPress. It looks great, but doesn’t SEND the ecards. I’ve posted to Satollo several times, no answer.

    I’ve sent myself several cards to different email addresses, the cards never arrive. It’s been DAYS at this point.

    I wonder if anyone is able to tell from the ecard plugin script whether “send” is actually configured properly? Here’s the script. Failing this, does anyone know if I have to do something to the email inside my new paid web site hosting account for this WP plugin to send the cards, or should the plugin script itself be sufficient? Thanks for your time.


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  • Why don’t we just cancel the request. Obviously, the bureaucrats prefer delays and technicalities, rather than actually helping, so these cards can’t get on line with a week to go to Christmas, and no time left to publicize them, either.

    What is more important about every element of WordPress is setting up BARRIERS to people, and frankly, WordPress is one BIG FAT BARRIER from start to finish with endless bogus broken plugins RECOMMENDED BY WORDPRESS itself, which is how I got this broken piece of e-card junk in the first place. Plugins come in pidgin English, or no instructions, or by Charlatans who get their name around on a FREE link without being required BY to meet any REAL standards before posting their half-baked plugins and throwing us users to the dogs. The truth is, WordPress is just for developers, an elite little crowd who can charge their clients a fat fee by the hour no matter how many hours it takes, and the rest of us can just “plug” along as we may, and good luck!

    WORDPRESS should REMOVE all plugins it currently recommends in its pages here that DO NOT WORK, or that have NO INTELLIGIBLE INSTRUCTIONS.

    Close this topic, goodbye.

    P.S. Plugin developers like SATOLLO who refuse to reply to users about plugins they post here which DO NOT WORK, should be simply BARRED after reasonable notice from WordPress that they MUST REPLY to their plugin users. Developers who post BROKEN plugins, or plugins with zero intelligible instructions in ENGLISH on these ENGLISH pages, should be barred, PERIOD.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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