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  • jasong955


    When I load and edit a post in wp-admin, WP changes the HTML formatting automatically and I cannot find how to disable that. It adds TONS of unnecessary HTML tags – <FONT…> and others. I use my own HTML formatting and don’t want WP to mess with it. Is there a way to disable WP’s ability or desire to change/add formatting HTML to my posts? Thanks.

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  • moshu


    Stop copy/pasting from MS Word and/or other bad word processors into the wysiwyg editor.



    I am having a similar problem but I am NOT copy and pasting. I am using a blog editor (Qumana) and WordPress is changing the HTML when I upload. This is really frustrating. How do I get it to leave my HTML alone?



    I am having the same issues and since I hand code all of my HTML copying/pasting from bad word processors really does not help me much.



    Handcode into the wysiwyg? That’s not a good idea. I also hand code my html in the simple editor (NOT switching between Code and Visual but completely turning wysiwyg off!) – and I never have any problems.

    I hand code into the simple editor (not the WYSIWYG editor) and WordPress is rewriting all my HTML. I need for it to stop. How do I make it stop?

    Is the wysiwyg completely turned off (admin > Users > Your profile)? If you just switch between Visual and Code (as I said above) the wysiwyg is still ON when saving the post, so it will screw up your html…

    If I log in as “admin” and click on Users, then click on “Your Profile”, I see a box on the left that says “Use the visual editor when writing”. When I turn that off, I continue to have problems with WordPress re-writing my HTML.

    I don’t and I never had.
    No, it might also depend on what are you trying to insert into the content…

    My email address is Write to me if you like and I’ll send you a username and password. You can login and see the problem.

    Better read my reply in the other thread you posted 🙂
    It’s your theme, not WP!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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