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  • I recently registered a new blog which I will be using as a kind of personal journal with poems I enjoy. I have already added two posts with no problem at all, but now I’m having problems with the third one. I’ve tried trashing and rewriting it multiple times, but it keeps changing the elegant font to a typewriter type, ruining the aesthetics.

    Here it is in action

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  • The content of that post is wrapped in “pre” tags, rather than “p” tags. hosted blog support

    Any way to change them? It seems to automatically assign “pre” tags.

    Any way to change them?

    Edit the post using the HTML editor and change the tags from “pre” to “p” and test the results.

    It seems to automatically assign “pre” tags.

    Seems a bit odd. The other two posts didn’t, and “p” tags are paragraph tags that are normally assigned by default when you use the built in WordPress editor. “pre” tags seem like they would either have to be intentionally added, accidentally added by an external editor or desktop client, or accidentally added by copying and pasting content from a third party source or program.

    Forums for hosted blogs are located at They may be able to tell you if your symptom is unique or not.

    That did do the trick, thanks. But it is odd. I DID copy+paste it from a Firefox window, but I did the same with parts of the last two posts, and they turned out fine. Might just be a bug.

    Copy and paste sometimes picks up unwanted formatting. It happens.
    Glad you got it sorted out!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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