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  • Hi,
    we have installed WordPress CAS plugin and configure it, but when we login to WordPress via CAS, the address is still ….wp-login.php?ticket=ST-1596-RGYJqx9q0b31eNkKk6ZrL1qklmCu94hi4XE-20 and it doesn’t change, it doesn’t redirect to wp-admin/index.php page.

    Are there any suggestions?
    Other issue is, can we use this Plugin for WP-MU user authentication?


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  • Yeah. I’m struggling with the same problem. WP2.5.1 (yes, old, but I mention it because that’s the highest compatible version according to the docs).

    Currently poking through the plugin to see where it does its thing.

    I was running the older version of this code without a problem … but when i updated i can no longer see the page to login … there’s no place to point the cas-authentication.php file to the cas.php file and so the system tells me that it has not been configured yet …. any thoughts?

    I’m also having problems running this against 2.6.1. Either with phpCAS 0.6.0 or 1.0.0, I’ve gotten to the point where it will call the correct CAS login screen, but the wp-login.php complains of a bad password.

    The author’s site seems down. Does anybody know how to get ahold of him?

    I’m also having this problem.

    I am running:
    CentOS 5.2 with linux kernel 2.6.22
    wordpress 2.6.1
    phpCAS 1.0.0

    I tracked it down to an error in my apache log:
    [Thu Aug 28 16:48:54 2008] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘DOMDocument’ not found in /usr/share/pear/CAS/CAS/domxml-php4-php5.php on line 60

    I have the php-xml module, so it seems like the code should be able to find DOMDocument.

    The files in my php extensions/modules folder are:

    anyone notice anything about my setup that would cause this?


    Update: I just installed the xmlrpc module and apache is no longer complaining about not being able to find the DOMDocument class. I am, however, getting the “Incorrect Password” error message now.

    I started working with Stephen Schwink’s plugin, but had to make a number of changes for it to work in my environment. Enough changes, anyway, so that it seemed like it might be worth releasing my version:

    It works in both WordPress and WordPressMU, can be configured via the dashboard or using a config file (which hides the settings page from the dashboard and is recommended for MU), and can call a function that you specify if the CAS user who’s attempting to sign in isn’t a WP user.

    misterbisson: thanks for the plugin! I was halfway to creating my own version when you pointed us to yours.

    I installed it in WordPress MU 2.6.1, in the mu-plugins folder and it mostly worked. I had to make two tweaks to wpcas.php in order to get everything I wanted out of it:

    diff orginal_wpcas.php my_wpcas.php
    < include( dirname(__FILE__).’wpcas-conf.php’ ); // attempt to fetch the optional config file

    > include( dirname(__FILE__).’/wpcas-conf.php’ ); // attempt to fetch the optional config file
    < wp_redirect(‘/wp-admin/’);

    > $redirect_url = site_url(‘wp-admin’);
    > wp_redirect($redirect_url);


    @nferris: thanks for fixing my bugs! I, um, obviously didn’t test the config file bit before releasing.

    I’ve integrated your changes and committed the 1.01 version. Thank you.


    Had similar problems.

    Make sure apache is running mod_ssl, make sure you have php-xml and php-dom installed

    And the latest version of phpCAS (currently 1.0.1).

    You can enable phpCAS to log errors, it is really detailed. Which gives some good help – see the CAS –docs/examples/example_simple.php file for example on enabling logging, add this to your wpcas.php file to help debug.

    I beleive my CAS server is running version 3.0.1, so this lot does seem to work with that (there was some doubt at one point). Thanks to misterbisson (and the others) for their hard work.

    good luck

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