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  • Although I was first very enthousastic about WordPress, the last few hours have changed my mind a bit. I found out that I cannot use Safari for two important admin tasks:
    – it is impossible to add a category (both when managing categories and while writing a new post)
    – it is impossible to upload pictures

    These problems occur in the combination of WP and Safari. I tested both functions with Firefox on my Powerbook, and in Firefox it works fine. I also noticed that once uploaded, I was able to browse the pictures in Safari. So it seems that only uploading the pictures is a problem.

    I would seriously suggest to update the WordPress Requirements. It only states server side software like PHP, MySQL and Apache. But it should also include browser incompatibilities. Maybe adding a “Browser Incompatibilities” section to the documentation would be nice. Now Safari (and other browser) problems seem to be scattered through the doc’s and forum.

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  • You might search over at
    and see if someone has already suggested something similar.

    If not, add one. 🙂

    I’ve used Macs more or less exclusively for over twenty years, so I understand your point. And until I started using WP, I was married to Safari, too. Now I do most of my work in Firefox, and it turns out that I don’t miss Safari at all.

    (But if you don’t like Firefox, you can also use Camino, Opera and OmniWeb with WordPress without issue.)

    Also, IMHO, you’re putting the cart before the horse: rather than complaining to WordPress about Safari’s problems with WordPress, you might consider complaining to Apple about Safari’s problems with Java, world leaks, WebKit, incompatibilities with WP and other apps, etc., because that is where all of our problems with Safari really lie.

    Steve won’t listen. 😉

    OK, I was complaining a bit, sorry for that. But to my defense, it took me some hours of searching, reading, trying, downloading Firefox and trying again to understand what was happening.

    Puzzling to me. I use Safari and have had no issues with WordPress. I am able to add categories and perform all admin tasks. I do upload photos, but I do that via ftp to host server.

    I have had issues with Firefox not behaving well, e.g. with Lightbox 2.

    Yeah, well, Steve has a lot on his plate these days. Probably working late every night on an iWeb update, too…. 😉

    Safari doesn’t support the AJAX (Oh whatever it’s called) javascript fully. It’s a MUCH discussed and answered topic in land. Heck, last time I checked, Safari had issues with TinyMCE as well (But they have gotten better lately.)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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