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  • Hi All,

    I built my local SEO firm’s site with WordPress. It is the first time I used a premium theme. My company’s name is GoBeyond SEO and we are based in Charlotte, NC. I would love any feedback you could give on the professionalism of the homepage and the content of the blog.



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  • Nice site man, very clean. There’s so many SEO agency sites out there now, it must be hard to stick out.


    Thanks. You are right, it’s not easy standing out. We focus on local business so it’s mostly networking and referrals. So far so good.

    Thanks for checking out the site!

    your website is lovely. nice pictures and cool shades of colours. altogether very professional looking.

    also like your entrepreneurial spirit. wish you success

    Dear Brian,

    The site looks just fine.

    What SEO Plugin did you use? Also, what is your stand on the importance on meta tags in SEO? I ‘spied’ the site’s code just a little, and I think that, for instance, the discription tags were missing from every page…?

    Best of luck both to your site & business!

    You got a very professional looking blog, a very good logo, totally brandable, a very nice front page which matches your blog theme.

    just a quick thing you can improve on, the social media buttons are twice on your blog posts. I suggest you to keep those buttons either on the top or at the end of the posts, not at both places. Also, if you really want to keep it at both places, then “choose” the compact version of the button for the top…

    over all, excellent site and blog,
    keep it updated,

    Thanks to all for the encouragement and critiques. I appreciate your feedback.

    @mangee – thank you…I wish you success as well

    @jenniitemaa – I use the Platinum SEO Plugin. And thanks for pointing out that my meta-descriptions need work. I really only concentrated on the one for the home page. While meta-tags (especially the keyword meta tag) have become less important over the years for SEO, meta-descriptions are still important mainly because it is what the potential visitor sees. You need to please the spiders and even more importantly, sell the click to real people!

    @adsenseplugin – thanks for calling the logo and site brandable. I was definitely going for that. Also, why not have social media buttons in both places?

    Thanks again everyone!

    Look very clean. Easy to use. Like it.

    @bsaemann, sorry for the late reply… i missed your last post, anyways, about the social buttons, i guess too many buttons, especially if it is the same button more than once, it looks a bit desperate, like you are begging for the votes… some people will vote on those buttons but most power profile social media guys tend to avoid such posts… they actually prefer the compact version of the voting buttons which takes very small part of your page and looks professional.

    This was a reply i got, a long time back, from a popular social media guy…


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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