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wordpress builder – anyone using this?

  • Has anyone used WordPressbuilder? It supposedly allows you to build any number of WP sites at one time. I’ve checked out the site (wordpressbuilder.com) and registered, but the writing is not very clear. Tried writing them, but they have a support ticket rather than a contact person, and nothing about their company.

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  • Unless you want to set up splog farm – why would you need it?

    No, we are not affiliated with them, and we do not support them. Use it on your own risk.

    Uh, “splog farm”? Am I missing something or is this a mis-spelling of “blog farm”?

    google “splog”….

    I think what you want is “Multi-User WordPress” instead of that wordpressbuilder site.

    MU WP is an actual project of this website we’re on, except it isn’t supported in this section of the Forum. Go here:


    ^- this guy write about the situation.

    My wife brought this to my attention as all three of us live in Washington, NC. The guys name is Stan Deatherage – he’s a county commissioner here in Beaufort County.

    admin-c-firstname: Stan
    admin-c-lastname: Deatherage
    admin-c-street1: 106 Beechtree St.
    admin-c-pcode: 27889
    admin-c-state: NC
    admin-c-city: Washington
    admin-c-ccode: US
    admin-c-phone: +1.2529461132
    admin-c-email: stan@standeatherage.com

    First of all the address he listed in registering this does not exist. That is an empty lot. All the building are torn down. There just is not an office there.

    Hmmmm. Gosh, a politician who lies? How odd….

    [Er. For anyone who’s not getting it, I am being absolutely nasty in the above statement.]

    Thanks V for clearing that up. For a sec there… *grin*

    Well, yeah, I figured people might not quite get it…. I’m such a mild mannered, milquetoast….

    [Er. For anyone who’s not geting it, milk toast she’s not.]

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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