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  • I managed to make it work after placing this in functions.php in my theme folder:

    /* Over-ride TinyMCE bbPress */

    function hd_custom_teeny_mce_override( $args = array() ) {
    $args[‘teeny’] = false;
    return $args;
    add_filter( ‘bbp_after_get_the_content_parse_args’, ‘hd_custom_teeny_mce_override’ );

    Now i have another problem. I just created a new bbpress post and used the Ultimate TinyMCE’s buttons to make some text bold, change the font size, color, underline, etc.. and when i submitted the post only the bold text remained unchanged. All my other formatting (font size, color, underline) was lost after submission.

    Please help.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Hmmm… I’ve never used bbPress.. so I have zero experience with the plugin.

    However, I have seen another forum post somewhere along the way.. I think it’s actually one of the ones in here??

    Is it related to this at all?

    Plugin Author Josh


    I think we spoke via Email. I made the code change as suggested above. Let me know how this works out.

    I still have this problem. All the formating (except bold) is lost after i submit the bbpress topic. any ideas why this happens?

    This topic is marked as resolved but i still haven’t found a solution to my problem. Can anyone help?

    Plugin Author Josh


    Hi Allen,

    I am getting ready to begin working with someone already familiar with bbpress. I’m not sure why the thread is marked as “resolved”… as far as I know, you and I are the only ones who can change it… and I don’t yet have access. I think you can change it back to “unresolved” though.

    Regarding your particular issue. Does this also happen when you are logged in as administrator in bbpress?

    Thanks for getting back to me Josh. The plugin works fine in the backend. If i create a bbpress topic from the admin panel everything works as it should.

    In the frontend, it doesn’t matter if i’m an admin or a regular user, the formatting is lost after submission. The only formatting that remains is the one supported by the default tinymce editor (bold, link…etc)

    Plugin Author Josh



    Okay, I remember a post somewhere about having to allow all of the html tags for front-end users in bbpress.

    I think the tags get stripped out by bbpress when a front-end submission is made. So, they have to be “re-allowed”.

    I need to find the post where my friend gave me a proposed solution. Actually, I think it is in my email somewhere.

    Let me play with this tonight, and I’ll put together a beta version for you to test for me. Would that be okay?

    Sure Josh. That would be great.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Okay Allen,

    I have installed bbPress on my test server… and would like for you to give me a specific example of something which does not save after submission.

    The more concise you can make the steps to replicate, the better.


    The best example would be an image (using the Advanced Image Button) or making the text a heading 1 for example. Any of these two dissapear on my site after i submit the post.

    Plugin Author Josh


    1. Does it also behave this way when you are logged in as admin?

    2. Are the forums only accessible (for posting) for logged-in users?

    3. Is there EVER a time when a guest can post on the forum?

    1. Yes, this happens if i’m logged in as admin too. As i said, it only happens on the front-end. If i create a bbpress topic from the admin panel, all the buttons work fine.

    2. Yes, the forums are accessible only for logged-in users (for posting).

    3. No, guests can’t post on the forum.

    In my installation (Multisite WP3.5.1 – BBP 2.2.4):

    1. When I’m logged in as admin everything works, fonts, colors, size, emotions etc. in the front-end in the bbpress post area and at the backend too.

    2. The same like AllenPayne

    3. The same like AllenPayne

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