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  • Hey All,

    I am sure many of you are already aware that an attack on WordPress blogs has been occurring over the last 2 days. The initial wave of the attack appeared to be a brute force attack. However, after blocking a many IP ranges and the problem still not resolving my team began digging a bit deeper and found a solution.

    We are using a multisite installation on Windows Server 2003.

    We had to change the application pool for our install to make the sites accessible again. Then we found in the security log that Windows Firewall identified an unknown application was “listening” for incoming UDP traffic. We also noted that with each thread of incoming UDP our site was then “pinging” itself multiple times so that it did not appear to be an attack but rather it looked like an internal coding issue.

    By blocking incoming UDP traffic to our site the issue appears to be resolved in that our site is no longer pinging itself.

    I hope this is helpful to anyone else that has been loosing hair over this issue.


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  • Hello,

    After reading a couple of recent articles out there and considering the wave of attcks I’ve been experiencing I suspect I’m just another victim… My website cache is online but I can’t find a way to get into the backend yet.

    I’d like to know how to block incoming UDP traffic to my site, since the ping thing sounds quite clever indeed in regards to the whole attck process behaves.

    Thanks for your valuable input.
    Cheers from Barcelona!

    I only heard about this large new hack yesterday on the Dutch WP forums. The internet seems to be full of it, but I remember the days when the forums exploded after such a ‘hacking spree’. This time there are only a handfull threads, so it seems that the sensible WP user (apparently most forum users) is still relativelly save from automatic hacks and -for example- do not use the loginname “admin”, since that is the biggest problem of the current hack. Chapeau!

    I must say that I am quite relieved that this big hack focusses on the ‘unwise’ users with easy login credentials regardless of the version and not the recent, but much smaller, hack using some hole in older WP versions. I once set up a WP for someone whose host does not offer MySQL 5, so it is still running on WP 2.9.2 and somebody managed to change the -non admin- usernames. Fortunately that was all and this large hack even passed that “hack me” yelling website.

    If you are one of those with less ‘luck’:

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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