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  • Hi there

    I have recently installed wordpress and I’m creating a website (currently going okay ish), I have an existing blog but would like this to appear seamlessly on my new website.

    I have looked at all the documentation I can find and there is nothing specific relating to moving a WordPress Blog to a WordPress website, surly it must be an easy operation?

    I feel this is maybe something that is in the Pro bundle, from what I can gather, is this the case or can I move this to my website without having to buy the bundle.

    Any easy instructions or advise appreciated.

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  • Do you mean moving from to a self hosted site with the software you downloaded from

    See the ‘Moving to’ section.
    Moving a Blog

    Yes that’s exactly what I mean, thank you I will look at this.

    If I move my blog to from, will the blog still appear on the website? I.e. will users still be able to search for tags and find me, or will I no longer appear?


    Yes it will. The two sites are unrelated.

    Sorry just for clarity, even though the two sites are unrelated, it will still appear on the reader?

    Many thanks

    Your .com site will remain as long as you leave it there. All you’re doing is copying the content from the .com site over to your own self hosted site.

    The .com site might have a different URL if you’ve bought the domain mapping upgrade and now want to use the URL for your self hosted site. You can’t use the same URL for 2 websites so your .com site should revert to the URL.

    Brilliant – Thank you that’s answered my questions precisely – perfect!

    Would I be correct then in assuming, if I started a new blog from scratch on my .org site, it wouldn’t appear in .com?

    If this is the case obviously…. How do bloggers maximise exposure from having independent sites, is it google alone or is there another platform people can search for blogs? If you know of course.

    Just trying to clarify exactly how these sites work.

    Just seen how to move from .org to .com so answered that part.

    Thanks for all your help, very much appreciated!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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