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  • Hi. I have had a WP blog on a self-hosted site. I then purchased a new domain and started a new WP blog there, but I have moved most of the old posts to the new blog on the new domain.

    On cPanel, I filled out the form for 301 redirect, and included the Wildcard option. I was careful to copy titles of posts over to the same post on the new domain for exact matches. However, some forum posts I’ve seen state that this Wildcard option here is referring to the “same file name” as opposed to an exact-match URL.

    The Home page of my previous blog, is redirecting to the new Home page of the new blog,, as I wanted.

    However, while some posts from the previous blog are not redirecting to the same post on the new blog (as I thought Wildcard option would do), and instead are redirecting to the new blog Home page, there are other old posts that are not even redirecting to the new Home page but are still being displayed from the old domain. That makes no sense to me. (I don’t want anything from the old domain to be accessed anymore.)

    Is there something with WordPress in which I just won’t be able to redirect a post from the old domain to the new domain (using the cPanel redirect and Wildcard option)?

    And am I going to have to make some sort of adjustment in .htaccess in File Manager?

    I have seen several posts on this and other forums regarding redirects, but I still haven’t been able to find an answer.

    And I really don’t want to provide the URLs for my blogs, hope you don’t mind that.


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