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  • quicksand


    I have been using WP-Stats plugin for a few days now. Earlier the stats weren’t showing up till I realised that “<?php wp_footer(); ?>” was missing in the footer.php file.

    So I included that and the statistics are now showing up. But one of the problems I am facing is that all post views show up under one particular post title on the Blog Stats page in the Dashboard. For eg. even though people might be browsing different posts, when I look up Blog Stats the count for only one particular post has been rising over the last few days. I am quite sure it is not because people are actually browsing only that one post (I double checked by logging out and browsing my own blog and still only that post view count is rising). The problem is only with posts because all pages are getting tracked independently.

    I am using the Unstandard theme and my blog url is I took help in heavily customising the theme so it is possible that some change was made in the code inadvertently which is causing this problem. Can anyone help?

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