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  • I set up RSS Graffiti to feed my client’s WordPress blog posts to her Facebook wall.

    The Facebook post looks right on her profile page, but on her wall and the walls of her friends, and in news feeds, it doesn’t show the right description, etc. See what I mean here:

    <img src=”” />

    I get this problem no matter how I post her blog post to a wall. Even if I just paste a link to the blog post page in her status, it displays the wrong way.

    I’ve found some web pages that say I need an meta title, meta description, and some kind of link rel image tags in my header for it to show up right, but of course, those tags are generated dynamically from WP, and I have a hard time believing the WP code out of the box wouldn’t generate them correctly?

    Can anyone help me with this? I’ve spent hours and I’m stumped. The wordpress web site/blog is


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  • Well one post is pulled in via RSS Graffiti and the other looks like it was pulled in by a manual link.

    But? This is FaceBook being dumb as a sack of wet hair and inconsistent to boot.

    The RSS Graffiti one is right, the other is the way it shows up in a news feed or on a wall. The only place I see it right is if I log into the client’s account, and click Profile on the top right.

    Right, but it’s a FaceBook problem, not WordPress. Those are different FaceBook thingies pulling in your posts. Can’t help you fix FaceBook… unless you have a flamethrower, I suppose.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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